Monday, October 25, 2010

to my beautiful best friend

my beautiful best friend,
and a lot of her escapist imaginary best friend of hers.
    she's beautiful.
    in pain.
       escape. to get some distraction.
       being escapist.
           try to be positive.
           against the negative.
                stand, still beautifully.
                wreak out with her lusty lines of drawing.
                          try to get it right.
                              escape with new things.
                              she just want to..breath and free.
                                    even for just a moment.
                                    before she choked up, more and again.
                                          try to enjoy the process.
                                          still it hurts.
                                     with those sick repeating dreams.
                                     painful, over and over.
                               but still, she stands beautifully.
                               witty and silly.
                          and her imaginary best friends,
                          growing even larger and darker, more than ever.
                    she who has hidden problems,
                    which she didn't even aware of.
              and the trigger of all these mess are...
              cliche like all trigger.'s love.
         and it's a broken one.
     make her floating around.
   come as she pleased,
home without someone walked her by.

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