Wednesday, May 30, 2012


so.. i watched another "great after taste" movie..


quoting grandpa Chet :

" you can't dwell on something that might've, Bryce."

" that's not fair, you can't condemn him for something he hasn't done."

" you know Bryce, one's character is set at an early age. i'd hate to see you swim out so far you can't swim back."

"it's about honesty, son. sometimes a little discomfort in the beginning..can save a whole lot of pain down the road."

i know my character has already been set, and i know i've been swimming in the dirt for a while.. i know i can't swimming back to my early age, but maybe i could try to change my direction while swimming. to go to a better place to swim, to avoid the dirts.. maybe.
well of course not all the dirt, but the quite big one..

anyway, this movie's great. it's based on a novel, no surprise there.
now i have to try to always remember this 'enlightenment', that i've learned and i want to change.

i wanna prove myself that i still care about me.
that i still love myself.
..okay that's enough.


Friday, May 25, 2012

the great after-taste [movies]

these are movies that have a great 'after-taste'.
yeap, i called it 'the after taste', because i dozed up after i seen them. for the first time.
no, sorry, i dozed up every time i watch 'em. just got my mind ..blown. wandering, wondering..
if you want some inspiration for your dream, watch it before you sleep :)

i'm not putting the order based on anything, okay?  i don't rank them, they have their own taste.

of course there must be other movies that i forget to include, so this list absolutely going to expand.

so yeah, you can judge me by my taste in movies after seeing this post :D

Monday, May 21, 2012

rare super couple

i just watched Adjustment Bureau, a bit late maybe, but i had my mind blown. makes me think. at first i thought the movie was about politician story or other serious matter, but apparently it wasn't.

makes me think, there are super couples in this world, scattered around the world, a very rare couple that no matter what they have to be together. no matter what, they'll find their way to each other again and again. by accident or just by chance.

you wish you were those couple, maybe now you start to thinking that maybe you were, but sorry, you're not. no.
oh, but you're single, and you're thinking that maybe you'll bump into someone and then you'll become one of the chosen couple. i'm sorry again, but no, it won't happen to you.
neither of you.
because i'm writing this.
because i'm single, and i'm writing this, and i, too, really wish i could be that super rare couple. to meet someone who'll crazily in love with me, he'll fight destiny and find me and win me back.
maybe the younger me would believe it. maybe now i'm too old too dull for hoping something like that.
and why you can't be those couple too? because i say so.
because i'm the envy.
because being happy is a bit hard for me.
no, i won't let anybody be happy if i still this miserable.

the adjustment bureau is one of the movie that makes me wondering, makes my mind blown.
it was based on a short story, i thought it would be based from a novel.
good. very good.

fate, destiny, free will and stubbornness.

..mehh, i don't even think that i have the last two of it :)) *lol

Sunday, May 13, 2012


just watched a movie : Moon. starred by Sam Rockwell, which also casted as Zaphod Beeblebrox at The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.

Moon, gave me a mellow feeling from the start. about an astronaut who live in a station on the moon, alone. only him and Gerty the computer.
i don't know why i'm writing about it, but i think it's because the after taste was great.

look, i'm suck in reviewing anything, books, movies, songs, ..anything.
this movie got 8.0/10.0 in IMDB, so i downloaded it. and i agree. nice movie.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

because you are

put on a bold dark red lipstick and kiss savagely, smudging the reds all over your lips.

put on the darkest mascara and sweat, ruin them.

laugh while you smoke, and feel sexy.

because you are.

Friday, May 04, 2012

one dream down, lots to go

so, yesterday one of my dream has come true.
to watch L'Arc~en~Ciel perform in front of me.
to see them in real life.
it's been 10 years since i become their fans.

Flower, is the first song that i heard.
my senior recommended it to me, and i love it right away.
and of course love at first sight with Hyde's cute face, haha.
i remembered collecting his pics at the internet and then print it out in photo paper, put it in my wallet.
blushing every time i open it.

and then i collect their concert vcd's, and their video clips as well.
i even cried when i saw their concert in vcd.
just so awesome.

i listened to their song every day and night.
searched for the lyrics, and sing a long.
until i can sing without seeing the lyrics.
and then i wanted to know the meaning of the song.

so i borrowed my friend's japan dictionary.
and searched the words that often been sung.
then i started learning japanese.
and their lyrics are beautiful.

i love their music, i love their stories, i love their lyrics.
i love them.

i hope they'll come again.