Thursday, November 04, 2010

#pisces things. part.1

copied and pasted from #zodiacfacts & #astrologybee at twitter. love 'em cause they're me.

A  sees their reflection in three dimensions in the violet amethyst and the clear emerald.

Few can follow a  and probe their aquamarine nature, whether they swim downstream to oblivion.

 is represented, not by iron or mercury or gold or lead, but by the vibrations of the indefinable, artificial metals.

As a  rising You like all the good things in life: food, clothes, fine dining, traveling, fine champagne,and liquors.

As a  when you decide to help, know when to say I have done all I can, I am sorry.

Problem solving can be a challenge for a 

 love to read & study ~ They have a knack for combining the real with the abstract ♥ 

 needs to look at a broader, more inclusive view of a problem rather than focus solely on its core.

 As a  you must learn that everyone’s problem can’t become your problem too.

 will give without expecting anything in return

Even though  spend a lot of time dreaming they'll eventually put their novel ideas to good use ♥

 more than anyone else will embrace circumstances,relationships,philosophies... that are beyond other people's boundaries

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