Friday, November 19, 2010

day nineteen. blistered poem.

Strike me with a fist full of lightning.
I know you wish to see me out spinning.
Do you want to know what's interesting?
To watch the simplest thing which you find it amazing.

When you running out to the blue.
You don't even think about the Big Bad Magoo.
And when you appear in the middle of the hue.
You won't realize that all you need is just a sweet value.

And I don't want to see you guys anymore.
Because I feel like an outcast more and more.
Do you all really sure that my existence is not important anymore?
Because I know if I leave, suddenly you'll miss me more and more.

What is this breeze that keep pushing me away?
It smells so nice but I won't go that easy anyway.
But I guess I'll go if you bid me goodbye in a sweet way.
Although I'll never expect you to say it nice and gay.

Blister in the sky, a place where I'd really love to kiss.
Never let me go, because you don't know the pain of miss.
Against your old ways, you'll find rays and it's a real bliss.
But it's okay if we part for a while, 'cause when we meet it'll be kiss, kiss, kiss.


Citrarini Ceria Chandraningtyas said...

baguuuussss!!!suka bangettt kaaayyy!!!:*

Mariska Sheila Kellani said...

Hehe sankyuu chineeyy, lula d kantor jadi lah ini 30menit saja :D