Monday, November 29, 2010

day two seventh. get lost

shadow smeared
covering my body.

you kissed my forehead.
i hate being kissed
on the forehead.

maybe it's because
when a men kissed me
on my forehead,
it's always means

"sorry. thank you".
"sorry. i should go. thank you".
"sorry. i can't be with you. thank you, though."
"i love you, actually. but, sorry".
"sorry, i can't take any commitment with you. but it was fun".


get lost.

it is way beyond imagination
i'm not a lovely person
i'm too often watching dramas, love story,
read novels, hear romantic lyrics.

so i grow some high expectations.
it's automatic, i can't help it.
i can't stop my self from expecting.

and of course,
dissapointed is my friend now.
clinging around.
and he is so

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