Saturday, March 17, 2012


isn't it sad, thinking about memories of old times always succeed to sooth me.
like when i woke up tonight, i felt so miserable, empty and confused.
searching for old friends that i knew they've known me for a long time.
talking with somebody who've said that he's willing to understands me.
but still the hole inside me is gnawing gently.

then the music of past playing on my shuffled playlist.
returning the good old days of my younger years.
returning the feeling of being the old me.
the young me that still think innocently about life.
and it soothes me.

that i've been in a better places.
that i've felt a better feelings.
that i've met a lot of nice people.
that i've loved more than once.
that i've been loved more than once.

now i'm longing.

because i know those days won't come back.
i just have to build the new one.
i have to achieve those good old days once more.
in the future.

when i'm not certain about the future,
i just have to dip my whole into the past.
it'll revive me.
it never fails me.

good old times.
good old pals.
good old musics.
good old memories.


i owe you my whole life.

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