Wednesday, March 07, 2012

black out

because i'm the wolf, used to be pretending as a sheep.
but it was a long ago now my sheep fur starts to falling off my body, exposing my filthy greyish wolf fur. i don't know why i still keep using this old sheep fur, for the truth of me being a wolf is like a common secret in this huge village.

lately, an ordinary boy has caught my attention. he's not a little boy, so i just call him medium grey riding-hood. maybe everybody think that there's nothing special about this boy. his face is fine, he's nice to his kind, ordinary. but not for me. i don't know what makes me think he's different, what makes him caught my interest. maybe because he's so ordinary nobody's thinking about ...owning him.

and now, as me lurking in the forrest and he likes to wandering around here with his friends, i'm starting to want to know about him more. but not by talking to him, just watching. how he talk to his friends, how he react to his friend's stories, how he listened.. for me, it's very interesting, makes me sure that he's not an ordinary boy. there's something precious about him that i wanted.

i'm the wolf, he's the nice boy. i never wanted to ...touch him. i mean, i was scared if i touched him i might spoil him. so, when we started to talk, chat, i was so happy. i even feel my sheep fur is getting thick again. i never wanted more, or maybe i wanted more but i never thought about it much, because i was thinking it was impossible. i really enjoy his companion, though we never go anywhere alone, but i'm okay with it.

so, one day i introduced him to my friends. he get along with them. we meet, we chat, we drink, we got drunk.  then my wolf fur getting thicker, leaving my sheep shape i'm totally turning into my true self. the wolf. the filthy wolf. then i start getting out of control. and i want him, i want him, and look in the mirror, then i look at the boy. 'do you know that i really like you like you?'
i think i scared him all right.

black out.

-the end.

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