Monday, March 12, 2012

haha. so funny.

i think i'm scared now.
i'm so scared.
that i feel i'm a real freak, nobody wants to try to understands me.
and it will always be me, who tried to understands them.
to always do what they expect me to do.
it is so scary.

i'm a real complicated, yet i feel like i'm not that complicated.
the reason behind my weird act was actually really simple.
i'm just a scared kid.
scared of the world.
i hurt too many people.
i've been hurt by many people too.
i thought it would never affect me.
but i'm not getting better,
i'm being worse.

i thought i got stronger,
but no.
not at all.
what am i to do?

i'm not a good friend,
why should i expect to have a good friend?
maybe they're good, so it's logic if they leave me.
why should they stand by my side?
i'm useless.
i'm rude.

i'm just, not worthy.
nobody can stands me.
haha, it's understandable.
even i can't stand me.

so funny.

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