Sunday, June 19, 2011

i am that awkward girl

warning : bad english

I am that awkward girl standing in the middle of the crowd.
That nobody even bother to glance over.
Asking myself do I really belong here?
Is there some place that I could really fit in.
Without even trying.
Am I wrong to feel this way?
I want to be needed.
I want it indeed.
To be needed. To be longed for.
Is it too much?
I know what's too much.
To be needed by you.
Specifically by you.
Yes you.

Here I'm still here.
Soaked with negativity. Sobered up from those vain positive thinking.
Staring at my clumsy legs.
Choosing desperately which path to take.
The right goes with brain and logics.
The left goes with heart and dreams.
Separating I am separated.

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