Monday, June 06, 2011

high expectation gets you nowhere

**warning : bad english!!**

come on, don't tell me you've never heard those words before.
and you know that it is not one of those words that just suddenly appear among people.
there is a reason behind those words. and the reason is, of course, because they are true.
because it is really happen to every people that 'high expectation gets you no where'.
it gives nothing but disappointment.

the same goes with high hopes.
but, there's reason behind every hope.
there are reasons why you are hoping.
and there are more reasons when you set your hopes high.
you know you're not suddenly set your hope high without reasons.

but the question is.
are those reasons are real?

is it really happened?
are they the right reasons to get high?
what if they are just illusions you play in your brain?
affecting your heart and feelings.

hope gives you power. oh, yes they are.
a very powerful one.
but you do realize it too, that they're also have weaknesses, right?
a very painful one.

the more you set your hopes high, well, the more painful you gets when your hopes doesn't come true.

the same goes with high expectation.
but for me, failing to get my expectation is more painful.
expecting is different from hoping.
expecting doesn't need strong reason behind it. it just happened. you just expect it.
it's kinda automatic. it's just your logic settings in your head.
and when your defends weakened, you set your expectation so high.
and then it didn't happen.
you lost your thought up there.
you fall, and fall, and falling hard. yes, it is so hard. believe me.
you suffer much more pain than when your hopes don't come true.

expecting is a bad habit.
yes, it is a habit.
you may have some hopes. hopes is important.
but don't, ever, grow some expectations.
really, they give you nothing, but disappointment.

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