Thursday, June 23, 2011

90 for me, 9 for you, 100 for us.

1. Tidy Hair.
2. Cute Dresses.
3. Firm Body.
4. Sexy Shoes.
5. Healthy Skin.
6. Nice Teeth.
7. Pretty Bags.
8. Cool Glasses.
9. Sweet Fragrance.
10. Positive Thinking.
11. Wonderful Mood.
12. Glowing Aura.
13. Practice Speech.
14. Light Make-Ups.
15. Know When To Stop. Never Be Too Much.
16. Be Cool, Effortless.
17. Gain Random Information.
18. Be Funny. Be Witty.
19. Don't Get Scared Easily.
20. Confront Your Fear.
21. Look People In The Eye. --but don't stare at them.
22. Smile. Smile. Smile.
23. Always Be Thankful With Everything You Have.
24. Do Not Hold Your Opinions.
25. Put On Something That You Love. --or at least what you really really like.
26. Respect Yourself. Be Proud Of What You Are.
27. Talk To Your Inner Self. And Do Everything It Told You. --no matter how small it is.
28. Do Not Deny Your Inner Self.
29. F O C U S.
30. Be With Someone Who Can Appreciates You. --the real you.
31. Surround Yourself With People You Like. With People Who Can Bring The Best Out Of You.
32. Do Not Over Analyze Things.
33. Do Not Worry Too Much.
34. Enjoy Your Time. Do Not Let Other People Change Things That You Enjoy Doing.
35. Commit With Yourself, Before You Want To Commit With Someone Else.
36. Commit And Do It With No Excuse To Delay.
38. Pick Your Food Healthily.
39. Do Not Regret! Learn And Live With It.
40. Accept Who You Are.
41. Receive And Accept Everything Life Has To Offer.
42. Give And Spread Your Happiness In Various Shapes.
43. Every Time You Woke Up Is A Bliss. You Are Blessed At The First Breath You Take.
44. Be Thankful
45. Dream High. Focused. Achieve.
46. Do Not Let LOVE Weakened You. Make It Your Strength Whatever The Results Are. --because you're still beautiful, single or taken.
47. Trust Yourself.
48. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings.
49. Do Not Trust People Easily.
50. Sharpened Your Feelings And Instincts.
51. Be Good. Do Good Stuff. At Least Once A Day.
52. Make At Least One Person Smiles Because Of You.
53. Deal With Secrets Someone Trusts You To Hold, SERIOUSLY. --i've learned my mistake. it was ugly.
54. Say Sorry If You Know You're Wrong. Say Sorry Even If You Don't Know.
55. Revenge Is Useless. Just Be Happy. Be Grateful.
56. Stop Expecting.
57. Do Not Think Too Much. Just Do.
58. Learn To Meditate.
59. Be The Best Of You, Simply For Your The Sake Of Your Happiness. Not For Somebody Else's.
60. Be Spontaneous.
61. Take The Risk!
62. If You Have To, Then You Will. Whenever, Wherever, Just Accept And Go!
63. Stop Judging!
64. Open Your Mind.
65. Comfort Is No. 1
66. Do Not Waste Your Life In Something You Hate Or Makes You Feel Miserable And Uncomfortable.
67. Stop Wishing You Were Somebody Else. Stop Insulting Yourself By Thinking Like That.
68. What You Want Is Important Too! Stop Sacrificing Your Own Feeling For Something That Not Worth It.
69. Keep Your Body Clean. --that includes your room and surroundings too.
70. Put On Things That Boost Your Mood And Confidence.
71. Stop Looking Down.
72. Sleep Happily.
73. You Are NEVER Be Alone. --there'll always be God or Devil. your choice.
74. Do Not Lower Your Standards. People Who Can't Catch Up  With You, Don't Deserve Your Greatness.
75. Be Classy, Kind And True.
76. Be The Original You.
77. Be Unexpected. Be Mysterious.
78. Say Hello! Do It Because You're nice. Not Because You Expect Reply.
79. NEVER Gets Too Close With Your Best Friend's Crush.
80. Mind Your Own Business. --except if you're asked to.
81. Drink Mineral Water More Often In The Morning.
82. Keep Contact With Your Families, Relatives, Old Friends And Foes.
84. Pick Your Style. Get Your Mark.
85. Quit Smoking. Quit Drinking.
86. Keep Reading.
87. Don't Forget To Save A Little Money.
88. It's Okay To Treat Yourself Once A While.
89. Try Other Hobby.
100. You Will Because You Can Because You Have All The Ingredients To Be Perfect In Your Own Special Way.

...fill no. 91 - 99 with your own personal reminder.
well, no.1 - 90 is for me personally.
no. 100 is for all of us.
i love you and we love us and do not ever forget that :)

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Anonymous said...

91. Increase my confidence while gaining skills to WORK INDEPENDENTLY

92. Clean my messy bedroom -____-".

93. Getting serious about networking and building referrals for my business, then maximize my revenue.

94. Be organized.

95. speaking gently and showing compassion.

96. Having my Master Degree done before 27.

97. No Opportunity waste.

98. Learn to Cook.

99. At the end of my life, to be able to look back on my life as meaningful and complete.

- hugs("( ^_________^)")m8a -