Thursday, August 09, 2012

what do i have left?

i always give people chances.

a chance to prove them self.

a chance to prove the words they've said to me.

a chance to get to know me.

a chance to talk.

a chance to explain.

a chance to trick me.

a chance to appease me.

a chance to seduce me.

a chance to persuade me.

a chance to make fun of me.

a chance to show their humour.

when i give them a chance to talk about them self, it doesn't mean that i will trade my stories equally.
i tell them things after i measure how much time i've spent with them.
how much do i trust them.
do they need to know it or do i just tell them harmless things about me.
can i tolerate when i know they just faking their concerns and laugh at my back because i gave them reasons to feel better than me.

when i give someone a chance to introduce oneself, that's when i evaluate them.
if they reveal too much about them self on our first conversation, i will lose interest.
sometimes i felt sorry for them because i can't return their enthusiasm.
but what can i do?
i live from questions and assumptions.
if they answer my questions so quickly, what do i have left?

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