Tuesday, August 14, 2012

live with it.

it's not like i'm talking to you into blaming yourself for every stupidity you've done in your last years of living.  i just wanna tell you that it was you, yourself, who've made those decisions.

even if it was somebody else who has talked you to choose a bad decision, but it was actually you who chose the final option, the one who chose which way to take.

yea i'm just saying that regrets won't brings you nowhere.

just make sure that you've realized that you've made a mistake. you took the wrong way, chose the wrong words, apologized, and then live with it. live with your mistakes, do not deny them. accept and live with it.

so you've made a mistake, so did everybody else.
so you've said something terrible, but you have your own reasons and conditions.
okay maybe you just did something bad with no reason, well then, do not whine about it.
if you knew you're gonna get a negative response but you still did it anyway, then do not come crying and whining when everybody gives you a terrible look.

you can't make everybody's happy, you can't fulfill everybody's will.
and you can't always get what you wanted either.

so choose wisely. and if you wanna take a risk, understand the consequences first. then, if you think you're ready, then do it.  and if it isn't come out the way you think it'll be, then it's okay. you've made the decision, you understand the risks, now you just have to live with 'em. learn how to deal with your problem after you made a bad decision. do not deny it because the past is fixed, you can't change 'em.

you just have to ... live with it.

just stop whining, okay?
because however things turned out to be, it's always your decisions, your final decision, that'll bring you out from it or bring you deeper into it.

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