Friday, May 04, 2012

one dream down, lots to go

so, yesterday one of my dream has come true.
to watch L'Arc~en~Ciel perform in front of me.
to see them in real life.
it's been 10 years since i become their fans.

Flower, is the first song that i heard.
my senior recommended it to me, and i love it right away.
and of course love at first sight with Hyde's cute face, haha.
i remembered collecting his pics at the internet and then print it out in photo paper, put it in my wallet.
blushing every time i open it.

and then i collect their concert vcd's, and their video clips as well.
i even cried when i saw their concert in vcd.
just so awesome.

i listened to their song every day and night.
searched for the lyrics, and sing a long.
until i can sing without seeing the lyrics.
and then i wanted to know the meaning of the song.

so i borrowed my friend's japan dictionary.
and searched the words that often been sung.
then i started learning japanese.
and their lyrics are beautiful.

i love their music, i love their stories, i love their lyrics.
i love them.

i hope they'll come again.

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