Wednesday, May 30, 2012


so.. i watched another "great after taste" movie..


quoting grandpa Chet :

" you can't dwell on something that might've, Bryce."

" that's not fair, you can't condemn him for something he hasn't done."

" you know Bryce, one's character is set at an early age. i'd hate to see you swim out so far you can't swim back."

"it's about honesty, son. sometimes a little discomfort in the beginning..can save a whole lot of pain down the road."

i know my character has already been set, and i know i've been swimming in the dirt for a while.. i know i can't swimming back to my early age, but maybe i could try to change my direction while swimming. to go to a better place to swim, to avoid the dirts.. maybe.
well of course not all the dirt, but the quite big one..

anyway, this movie's great. it's based on a novel, no surprise there.
now i have to try to always remember this 'enlightenment', that i've learned and i want to change.

i wanna prove myself that i still care about me.
that i still love myself.
..okay that's enough.


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