Friday, April 27, 2012

shame on me

oh yes i am a sensitive person. i can be over sensitive sometimes.
i usually sensitive about something that involve my feeling, or something that really non of my business.
for instance, a thing about people's relationship.

whether it's about someone's love life, or someone's friendship.
to see their happy and sincere faces on the pictures makes me drop a tear.

it's funny how answers pops out of no where when i write.
when i wrote this post, i just saw my friend's photos with her best friends, and i like seeing their smiley faces, happy and really happy. and i started wondering how they start their friendship, things they've been through. and i dropped a single tear. ...then i write this post, wondering why am i so sensitive about such thing.

then, the answer came.
i remember that i'm the envy of 7 sins.
i envy them, that's why i cried.
i wish i was one of them.
but then again, i remembered my own best friends.
i have those who's still with me from the start.
i have those who's still with me even though i don't know what to do with them.

shame on me.

or, i just see them as a story. a story about best friends from college and still be best friend even when they have graduated and walk a different path. and that kind of story always be my weakness.

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