Friday, April 20, 2012

how long

hating is the easiest way to forget, to leave behind things you've dearly loved.
to leave behind someone or something that left you at the first time.
you can't find the reason to leave them, so you hate them.
it's easy. just grow your anger, grow your sadness.
tell yourself that you've been betrayed, so you can have a reason to hate.

but to hate something you truly love is quiet difficult.
you have to lie to your heart constantly.
because it knows that you just need a reason to move on.
so it'll stop telling you the truth.

and then you move on.
forget everything, and tell everybody that you're okay.
of course you're okay. you wanted to be okay, so, you're okay.
but you're still telling your heart every night not to think about it.
just keep reminding why you hate.

the question long can you hate?
how long can you refuse to face the truth?

it is tiring. but it's the easiest way.

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