Thursday, January 05, 2012

with or without me

yes. i am that emotional and sensitive.
no. i would not apologize for being myself.
well, sorry if it is you that is too ignorant.
no. i feel sorry for myself.

i am trying to be a good girlfriend.
i know i am not trying hard enough.
it is because you are not trying too.
we could be better.

and we are not communicating.
we talked, but there are no communication that connect us to each other.
and i just don't know what to do about it.
i want to know you.
i want to know how your mind works.
i want to understand you.
and i want you to understand me too.

we were strangers before.
i still think we still are.
is it so difficult to you to show me some affection?
is it hurting your pride?

i hate it that i can think like this.
i just want you to prove that i am wrong to thinking like this.
i want to trust you, i'm trying hard.
but you don't even touch me anymore.

it seems like it doesn't matter for you to live with or without me.

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