Sunday, September 23, 2012

wasted days


i know having friends are important and even if you have a lot of time and money but you have no one to shared it with, then you have nothing.

okay maybe it's not always like that. you can always have a quality time for yourself, go to the spa, get a warm massage, re-do your hairstyle and so-on.

but when you realized that what you need is a company from your close circle, but they're not available, i mean you of course have many friends, but when they're unreachable at the same time, then what? and you're not in the mood for that lonely quality time.. yeah, that's sucks.

wasting the time, even be too lazy to eat. just sit and smoke and cold water. makes you feel that you need more friends, you need to make more circles.

pheww.. i hope this kind of time won't come again.

this is one of my reason why i want to leave Jakarta, to resign from my job now. maybe move to Bandung again, because the distance isn't so far there and i have more options of circle to mingle. but in Bandung, i will spoiled my self again for sure.

so, what will i do now? still too early to go to bed, but i'm already tired from the day.

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