Friday, January 18, 2013


that stage when i cried alone and no one know because there's nobody around me.
i just break there, wounds open and nobody knows. then i just star to lick my wounds, ick and lick until it feels better. better enough to put on a smile.
i hate that stage. because i was forced to be strong.

i never was a strong one. but i have to.
and i never get used to it.

i think people see me because they think i'm strong, but they're wrong.
i'm tired being strong.
because they won't feel that bad when they leave me.

i'm tired to be the one that have to understands.
that's why sometimes i pick the role as antagonist.
hurting people on purpose.
not good. i know.

i may appear strong, but that's because i don't trust you yet.

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